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Tips from Stephen PaulsethBy: Stephen Paulseth, MS PT SCS

No doubt many of you have read numerous sources on how to prepare for the big race and have heard many different tips and techniques to be optimally prepared for the marathon. It is important that you don’t compare your persona l regimen with others around you. You have spent the last several months training at your own pace and have participated in resistive training, stretching, nutritional habits, and even the use of specific clothing and shoes. It is vital that you continue your own training regimen up to and including the race.

If you have been stretching on a consistent basis it is wise to continue the same regimen and not to increase the amount of time stretching nor the specific muscles that you stretch. Rather, continue the regimen of stretches you have been consistent with. If you have been undertaking a resistive training protocol, it is probably wise to stop two weeks prior to the marathon to give your muscles time to regenerate and have adequate rest. Nutritional habits are also vital and the research varies of what is most effective. What seems to be the most successful is to protein load two weeks before the marathon and carbohydrate load the week of the marathon.

New Shoes
If you have recently bought new running shoes, you must at least have 3-4 weeks and at least one long run on those new shoes if you anticipate wearing them for the marathon. This is also true for the use of foot orthotics: unless you have actually been able to train with them over the last month or two, don’t try to use them for the marathon.

Recent Injury
If you have had a recent injury with the long runs in preparation for the marathon, it is important to seek adequate medical attention and often a simple remedy will allow you to train and/or rest with enough time to still adequately complete the marathon.

It is important that you relay any symptoms or injury to your pace group leader or the attending medical staff on Saturdays. We will be conducting more frequent clinics on the Saturdays before the marathon. If you can’t make one these clinics, try calling us (310) 286-0447 , we be glad to offer some advice.

It is the wish of myself and my associates that you have a very successful and fulfilling marathon experience and congratulations in advance.

About the Author | Stephen Paulseth, PT DPT SCS ATC | Steve is the founder of Paulseth & Associates Physical Therapy and Physio Performance & Physical Therapy in Los Angele, CA. Steve is Board Certified as a Sports Clinical Specialist. Stephen graduated with a Masters degree from the University of Southern California Physical Therapy program in 1982 and recently completed the post professional DPT program. He has been on faculty at Mount St. Mary’s graduate Physical Therapy program teaching biomechanics, anatomy and acting as a research advisor. Stephen works with the US Olympic Committee, APTA as President of the Foot and Ankle Special Interest Group of the American Physical Therapy Association, Federation Internationale de Volleyball, LA Leggers and has served as head trainer to numerous Los Angeles area high schools. He served as director of Century City Hospital Rehabilitation Services and is experienced in all orthopedic and sports patients. Stephen also participated as a US Medical Delegate for the 2004 Olympics Games in Athens, Greece. Stephen has also consulted on the development of KorFlex(tm) brand physical therapy systems. Stephen has a special interest in foot and ankle injuries and holds a US patent (Patent # 5069202) on a specialized therapeutic ankle brace and has written articles for many physical therapy, and sports research journals and fitness publications. You can contact Steve using the contact form on his About Page.

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