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Ibramed-Meeting-Postagem-1-300x300Paulseth & Associates Physical Therapy’s very own Stephen Paulseth recently presented at the IV International Scientific Meeting in Amparo, Brazil. Event dates were October 4-6, and featured various international presentations. 

Press Notice: (translated)


Speakers of national and international repute participate in the event, students may be published on JOSPT

The fourth edition of the International Scientific Meeting IBRAMED, held 4-6 October in São Paulo Amparo, this time greats of physiotherapy meet to discuss the theme ‘Rehabilitation of the Lumbar Spine and lower limbs.’

International professionals will share their expertise in area as chairman of the event for the second year, James Bellew (USA), Rafael Escamila (USA), Stephen Paulseth (USA), Robroy Martin (USA), Tim Heckmann (USA), Charles Hazle (USA) and Jan Magnus Bjordal, (Norway).

Scientific coordinator of the event is the physiotherapist and researcher Dr. Thiago Fukuda, who is also a lecturer. To ensure the list of names in Brazilian event are also Nivaldo Parizotto, Richard Liebano, Carlos Eduardo Pinfildi, Rodrigo, and Flávio Vasconcelos Bryk.

“I participated in the last two editions of Meeting IBRAMED and always surprised by the quality of the lectures and the names chosen for the event. When I received the invitation to be the scientific coordinator of this issue accepted the challenge to believe in the work developed by IBRAMED in defense of science, “says Thiago Fukuda. According to him, the big change was the expansion of the event’s main theme, which will no longer focus on the electrothermal. “We will have an international meeting on rehabilitation and physiotherapy applied to musculoskeletal injuries of the lower limbs. For this, we seek the best professionals and physiotherapists recognized in the United States and Brazil. The electrothermal will be approached as a module in the event, “he explains.

The event is sponsored by IBRAMED, with support from the Center for Advanced Studies IBRAMED – CEFAI and sponsorship gold ShopFisio and Physiotherapy Fernandes, sponsorship PhisioMed silver and bronze and Future Health of JOSPT

Students may have work published in JOSPT

Another novelty for the fourth edition of the International Scientific Meeting is the participation of graduate students in Physical Therapy and Graduate in areas related to the delivery of scientific papers will be evaluated according to the criteria set by the examination board which include originality, innovation , changes in the practice of physiotherapy and scientific quality.

Papers should be sent in accordance with the criteria and listed on the ‘Submit your work’. Entries can be submitted until August 12, 2013, only on the official form, the page to submit your work.

The eight chosen will be published by JOSPT – Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy, one of the most recognized publications in the area.



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