?> PaulsethPT | Physical Therapist Alex Abzug Conducting Research on Low Back Pain

back-painAlex has been working on a research study through the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California titled “How Should We Teach Lumbar Manipulation? A Consensus Study and Biomechanical Analysis of Operator Dynamics During Side-Lying Lumbar Manipulation.”

The aim of the study is to improve physical therapists’ understanding of how to perform lumbar spine (low back) manipulation. Spinal manipulation is a high-velocity manual technique used by physical therapists to achieve many beneficial effects, including decreased pain, increased range of motion, and improved muscle function.

Alex and the other investigators have finished collecting data for the study and have now begun to analyze the data. They hope the study will ultimately change the way physical therapists are taught this technique in order to optimize patient care.

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