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“I have pain over the outside portion of my elbow. Is this “tennis elbow”? What if i dont play tennis?”

Lateral (outer) elbow pain over or near the bony protuberance is frequently labeled “tennis elbow” and may be diagnosed as lateral epicondylitis. This condition, when associated with tennis may be due to poor backhand technique, improperly strung tennis racket, and/or excessive playing time or frequency. However, this condition may also occur following a blunt traumatic injury to this area of the elbow, improper weight training/lifting technique, or any repetitive over use of the wrist and hand muscles on a daily basis. An example of an overuse type of activity might be the use of a computer at the office for several hours and then again on the computer at home the same day.

“It is important to note that “tennis elbow” or lateral epicondylitis, is frequently the cause of lateral elbow pain, but this is not always the case. Thorough examination and differential diagnosing is imperative to rule out other possibilities, e.g., localized entrapment of a nerve at or near the elbow, or referral from nerve entrapment at the neck”

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