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As physical therapists, we first perform an evaluation, incorporating subjective and objective information through interview and physical assessment techniques. We then make an assessment as to the cause of symptoms, and form a treatment plan utilizing our knowledge of biomechanics, tissue healing, exercise physiology, and a detailed anatomical understanding of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system.

This plan will often include joint and soft tissue (muscle, fascia, nerve) mobilization and manual movement reeducation techniques, prescribing of therapeutic exercise and utilizing adjunctive modalities such as heat/ice, ultrasound, or electrical stimulation. During the treatment process, we are able to decrease restrictions, weakness, swelling and abnormal movement patterns which lead to, and accompany, pain. We then educate the patient and answer any questions as to the cause of symptoms and suggest self-care ideas with the goal of breaking the cycle of dysfunction to prevent future symptom recurrence.

We are also a great intermediary between you and your doctor. As the individuals who spend the most time with you therapeutically, we provide information to your physician that is sometimes hard for you to explain by yourself. We create written reports and interact with your doctor by phone when necessary, communicating detailed information that helps the medical team make the best unified decisions for your health and recovery.

We believe that you should also expect to see, and be treated by, a registered physical therapist (PT) each and every visit to the clinic you choose. At our clinic, we never delegate an entire treatment to a physical therapist assistant (PTA) or physical therapist aide, as has become commonplace in many treatment models. Whereas using an assistant (PTA) for this purpose is legal, and is surely cost effective for the clinic, it is certainly not the highest level of care available to you.

We have made a stand to continue a treatment model that provides significant, private access to a registered physical therapist with advanced training in orthopedic and sports injuries. This allows you to ask questions, and get thorough explanations and quality hands-on treatment that we believe is the best kind of care available in our profession.

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