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Many of you may experience aches and pains throughout the course of your training program with the L.A. Leggers for the L.A. Marathon. Especially, you inexperienced runners. If your ache and pain continues beyond 2-3 weeks, you should seek medical attention. This is necessary even though you may have already tried altering your running gait and schedule, increased your stretching, and/or self-treated your problem without significant success.

Success can be measured in many ways, including adhering to the Galloway/Leggers program or maintaining a cross-training program with symptoms. Injury may necessitate taking a “time out” from your training schedule. Proper and specific treatment can reduce your altered schedule and permit you to return to a schedule still suitable for reaching your goal; such as running the L.A Marathon pain-free.

Physical therapy or specialized treatment regimens have been found to expedite return to function in athletes. Our practice has had exceptional success with many of the L.A. Leggers in the past.

Understanding and properly treating your specific running injury should be stressed and evaluation of function, severity, and expected time of return/program should be emphasized. A lot of injuries are minor and modified training can still occur during treatment.

Again, the importance of treating your problem early and aggressively must be emphasized to minimize the effect on your running program. Paulseth and Associates Physical Therapy, Inc. would be pleased to assist you if you have a running injury presently.

Stephen Paulseth, MS PT SCS

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