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Reasons for Stretching

– Increasing flexibility and tissue extensibility may make an individual more functional and comfortable in daily/sport activities.

– Stretching a specific area is used for the treatment of specific injuries or imbalances.

– Bilateral and overall flexibility is necessary for normal running

– Stretching provides enhanced flexibility and muscle function during dynamic activities such as running

– Stretching reduces the chance of overuse injuries as are typically incurred with running, if performed methodically, regularly and specifically

– Stretching is safe to do if you build up the intensity, frequency and specificity slowly, but progressively (just like following a running program creates a training effect so does the early implementation of a stretching program while training for the LA Marathon)



– Do not bounce-relax into the stretch

– Ballistic stretching (bouncing) sets off a reflex to prevent the stretch

– Always use a slow gradual progression into a stretch

– Stretch the tight side first, spend equal time on both, unless there is an obvious difference

– Do not compare your flexibility to others

– Stretch to feel good – don’t overstretch

– Stretch more than once a day

– Do not stretch supportive structures (i.e. ligaments)

– Know what you’re stretching (i.e. basic anatomy)

– Relax other body areas while stretching a muscle

– Warm up and cool down should include stretching

– Use the force of gravity to increase the stretch

– Stretch before and after the exercise

– Learn to control the area being stretched

– We change daily in our tightness

– Gauge the stretch by the way you feel at that time

– Do not lock the joint during the stretch

– Stretch twenty to thirty seconds at a time – increase the number of reps throughout the day

– Wear loose clothing to stretch in

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