Long Distance Running

Running Tips | Marathons & Maintaining a Healthy Lower Back

With marathon training in full swing and with many people embarking on their longer weekend runs, runs upwards of 15 to 20 miles plus, it is so very important to maintain your health at this stage of training.   With this phase of training it is the experience of some marathoners that nagging low back pain …

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Running Tips | Shoes | Choose Wisely

Let’s take a look at two different types of feet and the type of shoe that would be a good fit accordingly. According to Stephen Paulseth, people with high arches tend to have rigid feet and are most likely supinators. A runner who fits this description would want to buy a shoe that is a good shock absorber, has a good heel counter, good forefoot to hind foot mobility, a somewhat flexible forefoot, and that is made of dual density, accommodative, cushy material. Runners who have low arches tend to be pronators. This would call for a shoe that is a motion control shoe, with a stiffer forefoot and a good heel counter. For all cases, the shoe or last should fit the foot shape. Some runners may also need orthotics to help correct any biomechanical dysfunction especially excessive pronation.